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Current state of affairs

Today we observe some dramatic trends in satellite television landscape, not only limited to reduced sale volumes, but also a decrease in number of satellite equipment manufacturers as well as degradation in quality of equipment from those manufacturers. Obviously, there are exceptions, but in the majority of cases we encounter satellite receivers with minimal modifications to reference software and reference hardware in the market. For many manufacturers even small updates such as changing the menu of the receiver pose a significant challenge.

Our Offer

We offer a universal device at a low cost, with which you can configure the antenna, monitor the status of the satellite system, get instant high-quality diagnostics and advice on how to fix it.

Thus, the customer will greatly simplify and reduce the cost of operation of the satellite system. Also DVB will gain competitive advantage in comparison to IPTV for mobile devices. Streaming function from the receiver is independent from the speed of the internet or the number of connected devices, and has a superior quality of picture.

You will have an ability to sell equipment and service at the retail stores. The return count should go down dramatically, due to much simplified antenna setup and configuration process, and due to provided diagnostics and DIY guides out of the box.

Also we use our own quality assurance in China. It allows us to reduce % of defective boxes in many times.

If you provide ongoing service to customers who used your equipment

You will have less support issues; even in case an issue arises you will have means to diagnose the issue remotely and offer then instructions how to resolve it
You will have complete control of quality of any work performed by technicians, with the report generated upon work completion
You will no longer need to test defective hardware; that will lead to cost savings at the service center