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Possible Satellite Television Operator Problems and Our Solutions


Let’s analyze the business of satellite television operators.

All providers (cable, satellite, IPTV, etc.) essentially fall in the domain of content delivery services. satellite television operators have to deal with specific issues since their customers are normally spread out (the opposite to cable operators), and they can't take advantages of the existing infrastructure like IPTV does. It might often impact the quality of the customer service and bring up the support cost. In our view, without dramatic innovations, satellite television operators are currently at a critical disadvantage, and quite possibly are on their way to extinction. In order for satellite television operators to survive and be profitable, the existing model requires new ideas regarding rethinking and enhancing the signal transfer solution and bringing down the operating expenses.

The objective of increasing profits by lowering the costs is achieved by integrating professional measuring tools (including the Sat-Finder) in the satellite television receiver device. Below this tool set will be referred to as the Receiver-Analyser-Meter-Finder (R.A.M.F.). R.A.M.F. allows to assess the status of the antenna, to generate signal quality reports, and to send them to the operator. Also, R.A.M.F. can help end users install and configure the antenna and debug issues without the assistance of technicians.

Economical Advantages of Using Our Technology in Your Business

Substantial amount of issues will not require involvement of the service provider since the end user can investigate numerous issues on their own (and in some cases fix them on their own)

We can develop step-by-step guides for diagnostics and resolutions. At each step of the process, the program will analyze the current status of the system and suggest next steps. Also we can incorporate custom algorithms provided by your customer support service in our fix-it-yourself instructions. If a customer cannot solve the issue using self-guide, they can follow up with customer support via chat or a call, or email their issue to the operator. When forwarding the issue to the service provider, the full context will be preserved, including the log history and steps performed by the customer to fix the issue. This model will lead to significant savings in the call-centers.

If a customer cannot solve the issue using self-guide, they can follow up with customer support via chat or a call, or email their issue to the operator. When forwarding the issue to the service provider, the full context will be preserved, including the log history and steps performed by the customer to fix the issue. This model will lead to significant savings in the call-centers.

Obtaining statistics on TV channel views will allow to optimize the channel package and not pay for unnecessary

Less-skilled personnel can be appointed to configuring or changing a receiver, changing the LNB in case of easily accessible antenna, checking connections, or cable wiring.
The operator will receive information about issues even before the customer reports issues. If a call is made from a smartphone that has the app installed, or the phone number is linked to a record in the customers database, the call can be immediately forwarded to a specialized department instead of to the common support line. This will bring down the length of the support calls, and dramatically improve the user experience and customer service.
If a problem occurred with the LNB or antenna configuration — the customer can take a photo of the issue and attached to the report. That way, operator will determine the level of effort and the cost of the work.
Operator will have context about the problem and the type of issue prior to the technician’s visit. Therefore, technicians will not be able to inflate the cost of work they perform.
Because of the upfront diagnostics, only defective or failed devices will be serviced. When it’s clear that the equipment is defective, a new equipment can simply be shipped, to replace the failed one. If you deal with vendors for equipment, that will allow the oversight over their services, and will improve transparency.
For example, it can be implemented that without a good signal, the invoice will not be generated at all. If a customer waives suggested work items, an act can be generated with corresponding clauses stating that the customer is aware of the existing issues and does not object to the provided service.
A database can be maintained for all sub-contractors and third-party service providers, including the details about performed work, their rates, and warranty periods. This feature might especially be useful for providers sub-contracting work to third-party technicians and customer support.
The smartphone app can be enhanced with a bar code reader to be used to scan the equipment as part of installations. In the long run it will provide insights into the quality of equipment from different manufacturers and different shipments.

Direct Financial Advantages of Incorporating Our Technology for Sales

With simplified step-by-step setup and eliminating the need of extra devices, there is potential for sales to increase offering in non-specialized stores and a significant reduction in equipment returns. During the initial self-installation by a customer, often questions arise why the system does not function well. Our technology will allow customers to locate problems, and provides guidance to troubleshoot the issues. Well-configured systems result in fewer device returns, and results in more satisfied customers.

Brand Benefits for the Operators that Incorporate Our Solutions

Timely and professional problem resolution helps to improve service and increase customer loyalty. Satisfied customers tend to stay with the company if they are happy with the service. So, in the long run, we foresee that the transition will happen from less technological operators to more technological ones.
Operator will be able to launch the “Customer Care” program. It will be possible to schedule status report generation on a periodic basis. When service provider sees some regressions in particular systems they can reach out to customers informing them of potential issues, and offer assistance/troubleshooting. It gives an ability to providers to detect issues prior to customers ever noticing them. This option can be also integrated into the receiver software.

Offered Equipment

The easiest to use and cheapest option will be our Montage processor line devices. We can ship you the trial receiver box with the processor Montage 8001s. As part of our development process we have fixed numerous bugs in the reference software and significantly modernized the hardware.

You will see that we have implemented our solution on one of the cheaper and less powerful processors without compromising the quality. Moreover, this device supports both access cards as well as cardless solution. Also, we have the production capacity to quickly release a model with HEVC, since Montage also manufactures similar processors. However, Montage does not offer 4K processors at this time, and we don’t foresee the solution for 4K in 2020.

We can also consider the option of modernizing your own equipment. However, for that we will require your help in acquiring the source solutions (including detailed data sheets) and access to software libraries. We might also need to consult with qualified engineers that have dealt with that processor architecture, since often times source solutions don’t come with sufficient documentation. Specifically, it is usually the case with processor architectures developed in China. Please keep in mind that such projects might take several months and will require significant engineering effort on our side. That said, some conditions must be met for such project to take place.

Why We Would Like to Hear From You

Our current offering is just one way to increase satellite television operator efficiency. We offer something you might be interested in, but we are not a provider ourselves. There is a chance that we have missed something important, so we are interested to hear your thoughts, ideas, and feedback. If you have other issues or needs that our engineers can assist with, please let us know, even if you were told by someone else that it’s technically impossible.