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R.A.M.F. 201 Combo

DVB2IP Bridge options
Open Web API +
Watching DVB without TV set +
Extension for Android Browser +
Application +
R.A.M.F. options
Sat Finder +
Spectrum +
DVB-T2 Finder It will be developed in September 2021
3G/4G Finder It will be developed in September 2021
3D R.A.M.F. LNB support +
Reports with signal parameters +
Remote diagnostics (sending the report to the operator/installer) +
Fix-it-yourself instructions It will be developed
Spectrum +
LM +
Output voltage +
Signal interference +
Antenna vibration +
Voltage in the cable +
22kHz control signal attenuation +
S.M.D.Net options
Streaming +
Play content from the web link +
Remote control using via HDMI Will be developed in 2021
One network for all devices Will be developed in 2021
Playing all content in the network Will be developed in 2021
Regular options
MPEG-4 +
HD +
UHD Using streaming
DVB-T2/C +
CA +
CI/CI+ -
Wi-Fi Embedded, MT7601
Lan +
USB Hub Embedded
RS-232 On the motherboard
AV Jack
s/pdif +
ESD protection Optional
Display Optional
Internal + External IR +
Chipset Montage 2230M3