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AnTV-12. Standart 2/16 Model

Price – 17.5 USD, MOQ is 3k. For a container (25k+) the price is much lower. If you have your own factory - the cost for our software (AndroidTV Interface and Stalker applications) is 1-2 USD per box. It depends upon quantity.

Model Description

OS Android 10
Interface Android TV
Chipset Allwinner H616
Memory single chip EMCP 2+16 (RAM DDR3 2Gb Low Power DDR + ROM 16Gb eMMC)
DDR 32 Bit
Display -
Voice remote control +
L1 Widevine +
Netflix ATV (HD)
Secure Image +
Stalker APK 3
BootWizard +
MPEG-4 +
HD +
Wi-Fi 2.4/5.0 Allwinner SV859, Wi-Fi 5, Channel width 80 MHz (Link 390 MBit/s)
Bluetooth 4.x BLE (Optional Bluetooth 5.0)
Lan +
AV Jack
Large heat sink for CPU +
ESD protection Optional
Wrong power supply protection +