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MyTV Online APK

Stalker portals are used as a modern way of broadcasting IPTV channels and putting up VOD content. They have the advantage not only in terms of usability, but also in terms of adaptability to any device, including not very powerful ones. If you use a regular m3u file, you either have to give up EPG or send a huge amount of data to the Android Box. The Stalker portal, when set up properly, only sends information about the current channels (plus the next 10 and the previous 10) or VOD. This allows almost any set-top box to work quickly

MyTV Online APK Description


Go to Connections

Put stalker or m3u server (manually or using file)

Choose certain file with login and password


Choose portal


Choose channel you want to watch. For example, TravelXP 4K


Press button Right and choose day and program from archive

Red icon means this channel has archive or this program is available for watching

Press exit to stop watching the program from archive and press button Menu


Choose VOD, then choose the film


If you want to watch film - choose Watch


And enjoy watching the film