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Our OTT / IPTV Android TV Boxes Advantages

The Android TV interface allows you to control the device from the remote control without the need to turn on / connect the mouse.

We have two apk for viewing channels and movies from Stalker and m3u portals. We are modifying them by ourselves.

1. We have the STB application to easy update remote controle software. You can set what application to use with TV button, colour buttons, short and long Power button pressure.

2. You can set applications to use with TV button, colour buttons, short and long Power button pressure.

After you pair Bluetooth RC with the box - you don't need IR signals at all.

You can make your own server, put sw or application, and every box (which is connected to internet) can be updated.

One of the main Android devices probelems - player inside application cannot play these or those stream. If you find streams which can be played - we will definetely fix this problem in very short terms.
Some applications can be used on secure images only. Some - only on rooted devices. We can sign applications for rooted devices, and they can be puted to the client's market for our devices.

The factory in China uses our specially designed equipment testing system. It records the test results of every function of every receiver, and allows you to be sure of the completeness of the tests passed at the factory. Thus, the percentage of defective devices is significantly reduced.

If you know exactly what applications and options are needed for good sales, then we have the ability to add that applications and to modify them. This issue is best discussed on a case-by-case basis.

We have voice control from the remote control for most models. Also, you can switch channels, search on Youtube, etc. by voice

We have full Netflix ATV (HD).

It is required for a number of applications. For example, Netflix, Prime video, Disney, Shahid.

Its presence is necessary for the operation of a number of applications.

We have great bootwizard at startup.