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  • Technologies that open up new roads
  • Open Web API is finished
  • Apps and extension are created

Android TV Interface

IPTV/OTT box without an Android TV Interface is the sign of a user-unfriendly cheap Chinese device.

We take 0.5-1 USD per box for Android TV Interface with Netflix ATV (HD), Shahid (ATV), etc.

It is much more easy to sell device which is adopted to remote control (with Android TV applications)

We can produce on current factory or use yours.

For example, you don't need to put your gmail during first start. You need to do it only when you try to use Google Play.

Stalker Android Applications

Many stalker portals do not have their own apps. We offer 2 apps that are installed with our operating system and work only with it.
Our stalker applications works only on our Android TV OTT/IPTV boxes. They cost 0.5-1 USD per box.
If your server has it
You can choose what you like
If you have your own trademark and if you are our client - we can develop applications. If they don't work with some portals or don't have needed options.

Receiver-Analyzer-Meter-Finder (R.A.M.F.) DVB Technology

Every receiver is also a professional sat-finder, analyser and meter. All in one!
Spectum, RSSI, SNR, MER, BER, PER, LM, output voltage, signal interference, antenna vibrations, voltage in the cable, 22kHz control signal attenuation.
We can detect the place and the type of the problem with signal
We can tell consumer where the problem is, what they need to do
We can send diagnostics reports to the operator or any other company
R.A.M.F. makes the installation very smart and simple

DVB2IP DVB Technology for R.T.O.S. devices

We propose making the receiver a universal bridge between DVB and smartphones / tablets / computers and TVs.
Open Web API gives the opportunity to make your own or to modify applications and extensions. This applies not only to ordinary DVB functions but also to our unique R.A.M.F. functions.

3D LNB DVB Technology

It is not an ordinary LNB. It can fix the antenna's position. This allows the user to show the required rotation of the LNB and the required angle of the dish.
Thanks to R.A.M.F. LNB can measure the attenuation of the control signal 22kHz and measure the voltage drop across the cable
We can measure the vibration of the antenna and evaluate its effect on signal strength