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Smart Media Devices Network (S.M.D.Net) technology

We would like to assess the concept of TV watching from a different angle and to change the current approach to satellite receivers.

In its traditional sense, the satellite receiver is a device for linear TV watching on a TV set. We propose to change the receiver’s role and to make it the bridge between the TV set and smartphones/tablets/computers in the same household, while maintaining the ease of use.

To create S.M.D.Net our receivers must

be able to forward content not only to the TV set but also to any device connected to the local network (streaming of content to the local network)
have a function of remote control from a mobile device
play internet media content (YouTube, Netflix, etc.) on any TV set, from a web link sent from an external device (From our experience, searching for content on the receiver itself is not the most convenient, and mobile devices excel at that.)
play any local content available on the network, such as personal media
have a user-friendly interface (especially with regards to EPG, channel listing, and connecting external devices)

Comparison with android iptv boxes

There are some Android-based devices available on the market. They are quite universal, and allow the implementation of the majority of such aforementioned functions.

But due to their general purpose nature, they tend to be harder to use and configure, show quality degradation over time, and manifest bugs after a while. Our goal is to connect all smart devices in a household onto one network using simple yet reliable equipment, with the additional feature of playing the content from satellite TV, cable TV, or antenna TV.