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What does S.M.D.Net give consumers

Connecting all smart devices and TV sets in a household to a single ecosystem. Any content including DVB-S2, DVB-T2, DVB-C can be played on any device. Connecting all smart devices and TV sets in a household to a single ecosystem.
The receiver can be used even without a connected TV set or a monitor, as it will have its own access point and software remote control capability
Streaming function from the receiver is independent from the speed of the internet or the number of connected devices, and has a superior quality of picture

Comparison with android iptv boxes

You might agree that any Android device can suffer from bugs in the operating system, lacks support for older models, are prone to incompatible updates of the applications they run, and show slowness and degradation of service after several years. That leads to the necessity of regular updates of equipment. There isn’t much of a choice for smartphones in particular, let’s be honest. However, is that really justified for IPTV boxes?

Let’s ask another question - what device is more convenient to use for media content (for example, YouTube): smartphone/tablet/computer, or the IPTV box? We think you might agree that the answer is the smart device. Why search for content on an Android box if you can easily find it on a smart phone and forward it to the receiver (especially since so much content is being shared via text message and email these days)? In this case, our device basically plays the role of a bridge between all your smart devices and the TV set. The quality does not suffer with time, and it’s much easier to use. We are sure, your customers will appreciate it.

For most of our models, in addition to media functions, customer will receive the benefits of R.A.M.F. technology